Richmond’s Favorite Event Experience

Cater is defined as providing food and drink in a professional capacity.  But to this catering company, it means more than just that. For us catering is a personal experience and a relationship that we grow with our clients to make their experience not only delicious, but one that you and your guest will never forget.  It is this very belief that we have used for the past 5 years to develop and sustain our catering company.

Unlike most catering companies you work with, we really put an effort into working with you and not just for you.  

Xavier Beverly, Co-Owner
catering by the camel, richmond va

From cooking intimate dinner parties to organizing and volunteering his chef skills every year to feed 3,000 people for Thanksgiving dinner Chef Xavier Beverly has known nothing more than entertaining and providing fresh and delicious food to many.  Over many years he has honed and developed his experiences to handle catering events of any size and magnitude.  
To us, food is not a business. Entertaining is not a business. It’s what we do and love everyday. Catering by The Camel aims to provide only the best service and food for our clients.  Our mission is to work hand in hand with clients to ensure that their vision becomes a reality.